Proof of Art: Kialara Bitcoin Bar is Magically Delicious

When a certain post graced the top of /r/Bitcoin 2 weeks ago, all of us over here at knew that the time was ripe to pick up some of these physical representations of our favorite digital commodity.

At an initial price of $119 for the first 90 bars, creator Maxfield Wyatt Mellenbruch had no problem selling out the initial batch on eBay in only a few short hours. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a few of the bars, and as you might imagine, have been quite impressed.

The quality of the design and craftsmanship is second-to-none, and the hologram’s various colors and faces produce a kaleidoscope of possibilities, a fractal of the blockchain technology itself. Max may as well have called these Stormshields. They are durable, and made for the ages.

Great work, Mr. Mellenbruch, although we aren’t surprised given your history of creating viral works of art for the internet. Anyone else remember Gravity Cat? That was Max. The artistry runs deep in this gentleman’s bloodline.

Given the success of the Kialara Bitcoin design, we suspect Max will come out with a sequel (perhaps made of silver or gold? *wink wink nudge nudge*) in the very near future. We will be stacking these in anticipation of their future role as Hollywood props for Looper 2: Return of Satoshi.

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