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Mark Karpeles - In this moment I am euphoric

While browsing Mark Karpeles’s very own recently, we were intrigued by a certain PHP script which output a random batch of domain names he is looking to sell.

Needless to say, Mt.Gox creditors can rest easy knowing that Mark is taking the proverbial no holds barred approach to raising liquidity in the face of losing almost a half a billion dollars worth of customers’ bitcoin. Mark offers the following gems for sale, in case you should find yourself with 600,000 bitcoin (luckily they found 200,000 in a random account):

Mark Karpeles domain names

Mark Karpeles domain names

Mark Karpeles domain names

and loads more, if you keep pressing F4 on the homepage of

We can all sleep a little easier knowing that Tibanne, the parent-company of Mt.Gox is doing everything in its power to raise capital to reimburse customers.

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