Birthday! Self-congratulatory Robocoin email calls competitors Shit-TMs

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Robocoin Kiosks, and like an un-oiled roulette table the company has made sure to squeak about it. How time flies! 365 days later and Robocoin is quite impressed with themselves.

While the full text of their email can be found here:

We pulled out the best & most relevant part which perfectly summarizes Robocoin’s attitude towards Bitcoin and their industry cohorts.

Here’s the funny part: we invented Bitcoin ATM 1.0 and it was not very good. The user experience relied on third party exchanges and wallets, making it inconsistent and unstable. Customers sometimes had to wait hours to receive purchased bitcoins. Bitcoin sells often failed altogether. If customers excluded miners fees operators were forced to choose between processing high-risk or slow transactions for customers. While some transactions got delayed, paper wallets were often lost. The ATMs weren’t smart – they didn’t remember customers. And still copycats emerged! The market exploded with SHI-TMs.

It’s safe to say this email contains levels of contradictory self-loving that would have even the most Namasté’d out Yoga teacher scratching their head.

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