Blockchain iOS Wallet has more bugs than a conferencing room at the IMF

Is anyone actually using the Blockchain mobile wallet anymore? Or better yet, does anyone at bother to test their wallet app before fat fingering the publish button?

Tonight I had the pleasure of discovering that the latest iOS version of the Blockchain Mobile Wallet has a dangerously defective QR code scanner. What’s so bad about it, you ask?

Well, it refuses to parse embedded Bitcoin amounts (bitcoin:ADDRESS?amount=X.XXXXXXXX) beyond 5 decimal places.

In case you weren’t aware, Bitcoin is uniquely precise to the 8th decimal point, and many merchant services won’t register a payment unless the EXACT amount is sent.

So tonight I found myself anxiously scratching my head. I paid a Coinbase merchant invoice and then proceeded to wait, and wait…. and wait, as the sans-serif countdown ticked ever closer to expiration.

After much investigation, I came to learn that the latest version of the iOS Blockchain Wallet was… wait for it…


Yes, that’s right. For a protocol and technology which supports (and often demands) 8 decimals of precision, the guys at thought it would be fortuitous if they just, you know, ditched the last 3 digits.

So, while Coinbase displayed an appropriate QR code, my wallet sent the wrong amount (to the tune of 3 micro cents). As someone accustomed to paying bitcoin invoices, and given the small amount, I didn’t bother to triple-check the amount before pressing SEND.

Blockchain Wallet used to be the [best|only] gig in town, but much in the spirit of modern art, software integrity has been sacrificed for a fleetingly flashy UI.

So, Bitcoiner beware. Avoid this junker at all costs.

If you’re stuck on iOS, use BreadWallet.

If you had the good luck or fortune to trade your fruit phone for an R2D2, check out Mycelium. She’ll always treat you right.

One thought on “Blockchain iOS Wallet has more bugs than a conferencing room at the IMF

  1. Robert Mix

    I used the BTC app (for iOS) for the first time yesterday, and I sent the BTC using the QR code of my receiving wallet. It did work unusually, but since I was “paying myself”, I did not worry about it.

    Interesting some that merchants will NOT accept a small overpayment…

    I check your site every day. The only thing I would change is take out the 10,000 BTC data point (redundant) and put in the current US$ value. That would cover everything but stocks ( covers everything I care about except stocks), and there are PLENTY of places that cover stocks.

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